Prevue cage for hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils. In excellent condition. Has 2 extra levels and ladders. Comes with lots of extras including houses chewable hideaway, treats, hamster fluff. Some brand new. Just need food and critter Asking $45

Rat pups

I have a litter of rats ready in a couple weeks. I had taken in some rats from a friend and she had the babies the day I took her in . my friend also took her in while being pregnant so neither of us have the dad. The babies have been handled since a few days after birth they are all very sweet. There was a litter of 8 4 girls 3 boys but there are currently 3 boys 3 girls ( white scribble is th...
Female rabbit, she is litter trained. Comes with cage in picture and a smaller cage. Also comes with rabbit house and litter box. She is very sweet and lovey.
Comes with dishes
Looking to get some Guinea pigs so interested in any guinea pig related items. Thanks
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